As a client of V.I.P. you rely on us to establish an immediate and positive rapport with your customer. In this manner, we create the First impression your customer has about the quality of your establishment. We pride ourselves both in the quality of service, and the professionalism of our personnel.


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Valet Parking Service

Traditionally, Valet Parking was considered a luxury. In today’s complex society, urban sprawl and the frenetic pace of life have made Valet Parking not only a necessity, but truly the Standard in the Dining and Entertainment Industry. Whether in small “strip” centers where limited parking availability may hamper the business of quick visit convenience type stores, or even large shopping Mall complexes where “ample parking” may mean a two block walk, business owners are anxious to maximize the leisure experience of their customer. Today fine restaurants, movie theatres, and centers for nightlife entertainment are often located in Mall settings, or in business locations which suffer for lack of convenient or cost effective parking. What began in the “country club” environment is now a staple for solid business and entertainment survival.

Traffic Control

Careful planning and strategic placement of our highly experienced, properly trained personnel, combined with our extensive supply of professional traffic materials (i.e. signs, traffic cones, lighted wands, road flares, and the use of legally mandated reflective control vests) ensure that your holiday season, special event, or large private party will proceed flawlessly. While you turn your attention to the details of your event, our staff will make certain that no outside difficulties interfere with the safety, security and enjoyment of your customers or guests.
V.I.P. service personnel are trained professionals. We are your eyes, ears, hands, and feet outside your establishment. We understand the pulse of movement around your business or event and handle it with confident proficiency.


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